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“The Tale of Light and Shadow” Photo Series by Taiwanese Photographers at the TU Berlin

October 22nd, 2014

News from Berlin - From October 29th to December 31st 2014, the Mathematical Library of Technical University of Berlin will be holding “The Tale of the Light and Shadow”. This exhibition is supported by the government of Taiwan. This exhibition shows five photo series from four Taiwanese photographers.

The first series of Chang Hsiu-Huan pictures give name to this exhibition. Her work shows an interaction of light and shadow in landscape photography. The inspiration and motives of her pictures can be found everywhere in Taiwan: the mountains, sea, towns or villages, natural places for relaxing, as well as modern architecture. These photos will take you on journey through Taiwan.

Second part of the exhibition presents “Woman History” through photos from Chien - Fu Yu, which consist of delicate and carefully taken portraits of poets, journalists, painters or researchers. This interplay of light and shadow connected with women's life in different areas. The meaning of these photos lies not just on artistic quality, but on the Taiwanese history as well.

Photos from Wang Hsiao - Chin show the evolution of her pregnancy. These pictures are not just about the photographer: the backgrounds of the photographs represent familiar connections between her husband, son and herself.

The last part of the exhibition consists of two photo series from photographer Chang Yung- Chieng. Her work is strongly influenced by Taiwanese culture. The name of this series is “The legacy of the clouded leopard” and the artist tries to describe traditional culture of Ureinwohnervolkes the Rukai, but also depicts the difficulties of adapting to this culture.

The second photography reportage of Chang Yung-chieh, where she uses traditional Taiwan ceremonies as a source of her inspiration, started when she returned to her native Penghu Island for seven years period. She began celebrating the greeting of the King of Heaven.

The full program of the event:

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