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Photo Exposition of the Artist Sabine Felber: 'Retrato Brasileiro'

May 19th, 2014
Brazilian Embassy - Photo Exhibition.jpg

News from Berlin- The photography exposition titled “Brazilian Portraits” by the Berliner artist Sabine Felber, is on view for the public from April 29th to May 30th at the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin.

Sabine Felber approaches the South American country through portraits and stories of 26 artists and intellectuals. The aim of the exposition is to show the various facets of Brazilian art, cultural landscape and the people placed in them.  The models of these photographs are well known and influential people, such as the Brazilian actor Chico Diaz, the author and poet Silviano Santiago, or the filmmaker Betse de Paula, as the "boss" of Rio de Janeiro's most famous samba school Mangueira, Aílton Nunes. Even so, less known people are also portrayed, like the young and beautiful writer Yasmin Thayna.

The series`s name, “Retrato Brasileiro”, alludes to one of the most known and popular Brazilian songs, which describes the diversity and versatility of Brazil´s beauty and its people: Aquarela do Brazil. The song´s message, beautifully conveyed by the famous samba singer Ary Barroso in 1939, is an ode to diversity and cultural richness of the country, and the photography exposition by Sabine Felber has a very strong and similar significance in its attempt to capture the essence of Brazilian culture.

About the artist, Sabine Felber is a photographer, sociologist and freelance photographer. She has published, among other vehicles,  for the " Independence" New York "film forum " Berlin "Film und TV Kameramann " Munich " Berliner Zeitung " Berlin. Her photography was also used for DaimlerChrysler Berlin GmbH Berlin index , OVIDIUS GmbH Berlin, Federal Ministry of Social Affairs , publisher Loescher Italy.

The Gallery will be open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm, at the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin.

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