Photo Exhibition “hello, my Name is Bucharest” and the “Make City Festival”

The Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin hosts a photo exhibition featuring the evolving architecture of 20th century Bucharest

July 13th, 2018
Berlin Global, News from Berlin
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Make City is the first festival in Berlin dedicated to architecture and to urban alternatives. It brings together professionals such as architects, urban planners, civic groups and developers with the purpose of engaging in a rethinking of the urban space. This year, Make City festival takes places from June 14th to July 1st and features one event organized in partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin.

One of the events featured during the festival is a photography exhibition of 20th century Bucharest: “hello, my name is bucharest”. In cooperation with the City Museum Bucharest, the exhibition’s varnishing took place on June 15th, with Dan Pârvulescu as its curator.
This photo exhibition privileges a historical approach, where the evolution of architecture and urban development in Bucharest unfold progressively, as the visitor looks at the photographs exhibited. In a way, this photo exhibition is conceived as a journey through 20th century architecture in Bucharest and is aimed at shedding some light on the aspirations people now have regarding their ideal housing.

The vibrant city of Bucharest, formerly called “little Paris” by some and likened to Berlin by others, is continuously evolving. Despite having undergone massive destruction, it seems to magically find its serenity, energy and vitality again and again. In the Romanian capital, various developments have occurred at different paces and in different rhythms. All these have placed Bucharest at a crossroads where various cultural spaces come together and this is precisely what renders this photographic journey so intriguing.

The exhibition is available until July 13th from Tuesday to Friday, at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin, Reinhardtstr. 14. No registration is required in order to access the exhibition.


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