Phillipe Gras Expositio

Phillipe Gras and Dominique Beaux take us on a journey through May 68

May 05th, 2018
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He is passionate about photojournalism and his series are regularly published in the press. However, Philippe Gras chose to be an independent photographer and he remained so until the end of his career. This lack of compromise and these strong choices are reflected in his photographs of the  student uprisings in May 68 in Paris. Philippe Gras photographs the clashes between the police and the students but also the moments of lull that show the daily life of the street. These snapshots in black and white demonstrate a talent for documentation but also a remarkable artistic quality.

50 years after the events of May 1968, this exhibition of 43 photographs by Philippe Gras at the Institut Français Berlin takes us back to the Paris of student demonstrations. Taken by Philippe Gras during May 1968 in France are a testimony of this time which is both history and myth. During the famous Parisian events, photographers were numerous on the front of the stage. Philippe Gras is one of those photographers who knew how to capture not only the moment and the gesture, but also the sign and meaning of this period of innovation and contest. Directed during the Paris revolt, the unique work of photographer Philippe Gras presents in a way that is both empathic and distanced what happened at the time. The photo report will be accompanied by a series of documentary films "May 68, a strange spring" by the historian and filmmaker Dominique Beaux. These films, two documentaries, mainly present testimonials from actors from the political world, parties, the public service, field units. They allow to re-read the events by means of testimonies of actors not solicited and thus to take a different view on the incidents of May 68.

Dominique Beaux (1965) is a historian and editor at Encyclopedia Universalis. Author of a short film in 2000, director of a theater company, he started in May '68 in 2007-2008, produced by Xavier Durringer and then by his own company. Producer the association of the Friends of Philippe Gras and the Films of the Four Planets This exhibition is realized in partnership with the French Institute in Paris and the French Institute in Berlin and is part of the activities of the French Institute as for the theme of May 68.
The Exhibition is from April 12 to June 07, 2018 Gallery of the Institut Français Berlin Kurfürstendamm 211 - 10719 Berlin


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