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Peru Food Festival in Köln

A festival celebrating Peruvian food, folklore, and culture hosted in Köln

July 10th, 2017
2017_07_10 Perú Food Festival.jpg

On the weekend of the 16th of July there will be a festival which celebrates Peruvian food, music, folklore, and culture. The festival is hosted in Köln and similar food festivals are organized throughout the year.

The festival will include musicians from all over South-America. They are playing a variety of music genres from the continent, such as tropical, folklore, and rhythms such as criollo, salsa, merengue, bachata, afro, bolero, ballad, guajira, cha cha cha and many others.

Events like this bring people together and teache them about other cultures in a fun and entertaining way. With different aspects of the Peruvian culture being showcased it is a great opportunity to learn some more about the country and to enjoy some delicious food.

Food is an integral part of culture and it is one that is often and easily shared. Still there are many more cultures whose food is less known around the world. Peruvian food is still mostly unknown to many people and this festival will help them get to know more about Peru and South America in general.

This festival is a great example of cultural diplomacy being practised by the private sector. A Latin American event organizer is behind the organization festival. They organize many similar food festivals as well as other Latin-America cultural events throughtout the year, and tis is a clear example which shows that Cultural Diplomacy is not just for the public sector. The private sector has a lot to offer for Cultural Diplomacy as well and the potential is far greater than is currently being implemented.

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