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Perspectives on Prostitution

June 06th, 2014
Perspectives on Prostitution.jpg

News from Berlin – The ever controversial topic of prostitution will be discussed at a talk at the Swedish Embassy on June 13th. The event will feature a diversity of views from journalists, filmmakers, prostitutes and brothel owners about prostitution in Germany and Sweden.

The starting point for the discussion will be the showing of the film "Like a Pascha" by the Swedish filmmaker Svante Tidholm, who together with the journalist Mariam Lou will lead the discussion that follows.

Through the course of the film, prostitutes and brothel owners will give a rare insight into their daily lives, giving their own insights on the sex trade. This talk also gives audiences a great opportunity to examine the differing cultural perspectives on prostitution between the two states, with prostitution much more culturally unacceptable in Swedish society in contrast to the legalised prostitution in Germany.  

Highlighted topics will be the historic background that have created the perspectives on prostitution that exists today and its prospects for the future. Other questions that will be raised are if men ever do have the right to pay for sex, and how the feminist movement, if at all, is affecting the general view on prostitution.

The event is held in English at the Swedish Embassy, June 13th at 14.00.

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