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Permanent Exhibition of Slovak Glass in Berlin

October 06th, 2014
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News from Berlin - Embassy of the Slovak Republic and Slovak Institute in Berlin opened the permanent exhibition of the Slovak artistic as well as household glass one the 23rd September 2014. The Exhibition is situated in the Slovak Embassy building and is divided in two different sections, one part consisting of artistic glass and the other industrial.The coordinator of the art section was the Slovak National Gallery with its curator Mrs. Viera Kleinova and on the other hand the successful internationally-known “Slovak Glasswork” coordinated the industrial part of the exhibition.

The exposition holds the name “Vorsicht Zerbrechlich! / Pozor Sklo!” (English: “Attention Glass!”). Slovak ambassador Igor Slobodník sees the exposition as a really important Slovak representative element in both art and industry. H.E. Slobodník emphasized the quality of Slovak glass and existence of Slovak Glass School as well as the importance of “the Rona company”. Rona is one of the last traditional manufacturers of glass, which is exceedingly successful in the global market and in this way helps to spread Slovak culture around the world.

There were also few honorable guests like Juraj Vaďura, who is the commercial director of the Rona Company, as well as artists and pedagogues of the Academy of the Fine Arts in Bratislava. Among the exhibition guests were Palo Macho and Patrik Illo, the lead designer of the Rona Company.

This event was connected with musical elements as well, held by the soloist of the German opera in Berlin, mezzo-soprano singer Jana Kurucová. Mrs. Kurucova with her pianist Tahmina Feinstein introduced a song from Slovak composer Viliam Figuš-Bistrý, a song from Czech composer Antonin Dvorak and an aria from the opera called “Bet” by the Austrian opera master Johann Strauss.

The full program of the event:

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