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Peace Bicycle Tour Expedition to South Korea

August 20th, 2014

News from Berlin – In the beginning of August, on Wednesday the 13th, Iris Gleicke, State Secretary of the German Government, opened the Berlin event for the Peace Bicycle Expedition. The expedition is dedicated to achieving a future reunion of North Korea and South Korea, and in that way, Berlin, itself having been divided for over thirty years, might be just the perfect place to kickstart the expedition.

In her speech, State Secretary  Gleicke stated that the Peace Bicycle Expedition is a great example of the human desire for freedom and the overcoming of reuniting two countries.

The people taking part in the Peace Bicycle Expedition show with their participation that they have hopes for a peaceful reunification of the two Koreas. Gleicke also mentioned that Berlin is the perfect place for the start of the Peace Bicycle Expedition, as the city stands as the perfect example of how two completely different systems can reunite.

The Peace Bicycle Expedition aims to travel a distance of over 15.000 kilometer in around 100 days, with its participants cycling all the way from Berlin to Seoul. The Expedition is being organised by the Korean Newspaper agency “Chonsunilbo”, with the main aim of the expedition being to point out the potential of North and South Koreas reunification.

One can only hope that the expedition will be a great worldwide success, with high media attention. With events such as the Bicycle Expedition it is possible to make a small, but highly effective change. Support the event and cycle for a reunited Korea.

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