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Paul Hertel Concert at the Austrian Cultural Forum

April 29th, 2014

News from Berlin - The Austrian Cultural Forum "Österreichisches Kulturforum" in Berlin is organizing the concert of Paul Hertel, which will be on the May 8th at 19:30 . A composer, producer and specialist for theater and media, Paul Hertel is one of the most renowned personalities in the music panorama of Austria.

He was born in 1953 in Vienna, and after finishing his theater studies he attended training at the Music School of Vienna. Since then Paul Hertel has been working as a freelance composer in different fields in both Vienna and Zurich. His works include opera for children, music for international films and TV companies, but also literature for students, chamber music and symphonic works.

Paul Hertel's compositions can be defined modern from different points of view. He often holds concerts throughout the world and participates in important international festivals, presenting in particular his works in the realm of contemporary "E-Musik". Moreover, compositions such as "Café Ritz" and "Das Emigrantentrio" are complemented with videos. Paul Hertel will be accompanied by the musicians Olivia Stahn (Canto), Alba Gentili -Tedeschi (Piano), Andreas Feldmann (Violin) and Ivan Turkalj (Cello).

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