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Pansori Day at the Korean Embassy in Berlin

The Korean Embassy hosts a memorable music show

July 13th, 2017
Alessia Salzano, News from Berlin
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‘Pansori’ is a traditional Korean music style, characterized by a lead singer and a drummer who use a typical instrument called ‘buk’. At a literary meaning level, the word ‘Pansori’ encompasses two other terms; ‘pan’, which means ‘a place where a lot of people gather’, and ‘sori’, that means ‘sound’.

Consequently, it is not astonishing that the Korean Embassy in Berlin has scheduled a Pansori day with the purpose of reunite as many people as possible under an amazing music show. Moreover, Pansori is an intangible World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO since 2003, and performances abroad are extremely rare.

The event, that will take place on Saturday, 15 July, will feature lyrics from the renowned singer: Yun Jin-Chul. The artist will be dressed in a typical Korean costume, and accompanied by the head of the percussion department of the National Theater in Seoul. During the performance, Yun Jin-Chul will narrate some emotional war-related stories, contributing therefore to enhance the general involvement of the public.

What is even more remarkable about the Pansori event, is that it has no counterparts,  neither in the western countries nor in other sides of the whole globe. In fact, since Pansori has its roots in very ancient times, the use of technology which is very common in our society is completely unknown inside this practice.

For this reason, the show constitutes an invaluable chance for cross-borders cultural collaboration. In fact, seeing how a European public welcome a foreign tradition can contribute to strengthen the bonds with another continent, as well as realize the astonishing progresses that the Cultural Diplomacy field is doing worldwide.


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