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The Malagasy Embassy celebrates its Independence Day in Berlin

July 17th, 2019
Aisosa Erhahon, News from Berlin
20190717_59 Years of Freedom.jpg

On the 28th of June, the Malagasy Embassy welcomed its Minister for Foreign Affairs, Rafaramalala Florenz Isabelle, as they celebrate together the independence day of Madagascar. This has been since 59 years.

As a good way of diplomacy Mrs Rafaramalala conducted the ceremony with a speech, which was partly held in German and partly in Malagasy. She was pleased to welcome the audience, who were obviously not only from Madagascar, but as well from Germany.

Mrs Rafaramalala addressed the current issues Madagascar has to grapple with. However, she also reminded the audience of the development which is gradually taking place. For this development, she said, the diasporas of Madagascar are mainly responsible. She, thus, praised the Diaspora community and encouraged a tight bound with the German community.

Moreover, she presented the new government reform that will be taking place very soon. With this reform she hopes to see Madagascar rising, especially in its cooperation with Germany. 

Madagascar remains optimistic for the future.


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