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Palimpsest: India & Europe

A Documentary about the Influence of Indian Culture in Europe

July 07th, 2015

The Embassy of India will host a screening for ‘Palimpsest: India and Europe’ on July 13th. This documentary, by Archana Kapoor, gives the viewer a glimpse of the influence of Indian culture on European cities. The film addresses why Indian culture is becoming popular in Europe, despite a lack of historical or colonial ties, and a negligible presence of Indian diaspora. 

‘Palimpsest’ – which also means a page from which the text has been removed so it can be reused – takes a tour through five European countries and shows the influence Indian culture has on the daily lives of their citizens. This is illustrated by the rise in popularity of yoga, Hinduism, Indian cuisine, Indian dance, Indian cinema and Indian literature, for example. The documentary interviews people who have adopted part on the Indian culture as their own. Some have started practicing Hinduism, or have taken up yoga. Others have developed a liking for Indian cinema, or the Bollywood-style dancing.

Archana Kapoor is a film maker from Delhi who has made over 300 films on a diverse range of subjects. She specialises in cultural, historial and advocacy films, and among others, has made a film about the Mumbay terror attacks. Her films have been screened at various national and international fora. She is also the publisher of Hardnews Magazine, an independent political monthly magazine, and the founder of Seeking Modern Applications for Real Transformation (SMART), a non-governmental organization that works with marginalized communities in India.

The film screening can be attended by a maximum of 200 guests, and admission is free. Bags and food items are not permitted. The movie starts at 4 pm and is approximately 26 minutes long.

The Embassy of India is located at Tiergartenstrasse 17, 10785 Berlin. If you prefer to take public transport, take bus 200 to Tiergartenstrasse.

For more information: 030-25 79 54 05


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