Pakistani Festivity at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

ICD received Pakistani Ambassador to Germany, Jauhar Saleem, who presented his country, landscape, flavorful cuisine and culture

March 12th, 2019
Elisa Vallette, News from Berlin
20190312_Pakistani Festivity.jpg

On Wednesday March 6th, 2019, the ICD organized a Pakistani event. After the beautiful country presentation by H.E. Amb. Jauhar Saleem, the Embassy hosted a reception dinner and invited the audience to immerse themselves in the country’s culture, thanks to culinary specialties and oriental music.

During his keynote speech, the Ambassador of Pakistan to Germany highlighted the beautiful and varied landscapes that Pakistan offers. Indeed, the four provinces are very different, in terms of climate (all four seasons are present simultaneosly in one country!), landscapes, and type of activities offered there. The region of Gilgit Balistan has some of the highest mountain peaks, along with lakes, glaciers and valleys. It is therefore the perfect place for trekking and sensational adventures. The country also has many historical and cultural heritage UNESCO sites. In addition to the oldest Neolithic sites, the Badshahi Mosque and Lahore Fort, are astonishing examples of the Mughal architecture. Finally, the Arabian sea offers gorgeous beaches.

Although the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is in majority Muslim, other ethnic minorities are present. When the audience asked about security, the Ambassador replied that Pakistan is safe. He encourages people to put Pakistan on their top next destinations list, since it is still relatively cheap to travel there.

The dinner reception that followed gave the audience the opportunity to taste Pakistani cuisine and learn even more about the country’s unique culture. The main culinary specialties were served: rice biryani, samosas and pakoras. Although some mentioned the spiciness, everybody seemed to have enjoy the delicious dinner. The Pakistani music created a pleasant oriental atmosphere.

The ICD looks forward to co-host another Pakistani event with the Embassy. Experiencing an oriental culture for an evening was a genuine example of cultural diplomacy in practice. It contributes to mutual dialogue, respect, and build bridges between distant cultures.

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