One Steel Cable Connecting the World

Taiwanese sculptor Kang Mu-Xiang presented his works in Berlin, in the hope of uniting people around the theme of environmental protection

September 23rd, 2016
Min-ni Wu, News from Berlin

Kang Mu-Xiang, the renowned sculptor who is often called the “primitive man of modern Taiwan,” was invited to display his art works, “Path to Life”, to the German public at the Berlin Art Fair, “Berliner Liste,” from September 15th to 18th. 

Under the theme of “One Steel Cable Connecting the World,” three pieces of Kang’s life-series art works were shown in the fair. The pieces were created out of steel cables that were used in building Taipei 101’s high-speed elevators, symbolizing the environmental rebirth, bringing the wastes “back to life.”
In 2015 one of Kang’s life-series sculptures, “Taiwan Ruyi”, was presented as a gift to Karlsruhe by the Representative Office of Taiwan to mark the friendship between Taiwan and Germany. The sculpture is now on permanent display in the city. 

Germany has a solid reputation worldwide for recycling and protecting the environment. As Kang’s works aims to bring new life to waste, the display of the “Path to Life” series is very meaningful. Apart from introducing a section of Taiwanese art, the exhibition in Germany also symbolizes the uniting of West and East in protection of the earth.

The opening ceremony of “Berliner Liste” took place alongside Kang’s exhibition. Prof. Dr. Shieh Jhy-wey, the Representative of Taiwan to Germany, was invited to give the address at the opening. The art fair gathered 112 artists from 25 countries in an exchange of culture and contemporary art.

Born in 1961 in Taiwan, Kang began his career as a woodcarver. Learning traditional woodcarving from the age of 13, his art has grown out of a close relationship with nature. One of his most well known projects is a series of 36 sculptures made from driftwood, which turned “dead” wood found at the beach into vibrant art collections. 

Kang’s art works often embody the theme of “rebirth,” combing traditional and modern, the Yin and Yan, the old and new, the hard and soft. Elements from different cultures also appear in his work, as he has traveled to many different countries. 


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