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Norwegian National Day: Ceremonies in Berlin

May 14th, 2014
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News from Berlin - The 17th of May is a very important date for Norwegians, as they celebrate the adoption of their first constitution. This year, this celebration is particularly important, as it marks the 200th anniversary of the text, which was signed in 1814. Particular prominence will therefore be given to the event worldwide.

The constitution marked a huge step in Norway’s path to independence. After the devastating defeat of the Danish-Norwegian kingdom in the napoleonic wars, the territory of continental Norway was handed over to Sweden. It is in this context that a national convention gathered to declare the independence of the country, and to adopt the new constitution. Norway was still very closely linked to Sweden until 1905, the constitution nonetheless allowed the country to gain a certain level of autonomy, in which the roots of actual independence are to be found.

In Berlin, the Seamen's Church, The Norwegian School, ANSA, The Norwegian Rowing Club and the Norwegian Embassy organize a wide variety of activities, including exhibitions, concerts, parades, tastings of the Norwegian cuisine and entertainments for kids. The main part of the celebrations will take place in the park of the Seamen's Church (Landhausstraße 26-28, 10717 Berlin) from 14.00.

For more information regarding the program, please visit the website of the Seamen’s Church at the following link:

A temporary exhibition will also be hosted in the Nordic Embassy starting on May 14th until the end of June, which will give particular insight into the role of the Kiel Treaty in paving the way for Norway’s Independence.

More info to be found at the following link (German) :

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