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Nordic Embassies Exhibition: 21st Century Transformation of European Monuments

April 17th, 2014

News from Berlin - The Nordic Embassies in Berlin will hold a seminar and exhibition titled ‘Beyond Memorialization: Design for Conflict Heritage’ on April 30th, to address new forms of monuments in Berlin, Norway and Italy. The exhibition will be inaugurated with an English-language workshop. Monuments in remembrance of wars and crimes have been constructed all over Europe, particularly in recent years. In the 21st century, many of these have changed in appearance, from bronze or marble statues to interactive or multimedia installations. Such monuments have also been reconstructed in terms of function, from commemorating a heroic memory to instigating reflection, dialogue and reconciliation.

These transformations have been examined by the European research project ‘Recall: European Conflict Archaeological Landscape Reappropration’, which studied potential roles that future monuments can play when dealing with complex and traumatic heritages. Ten international and interdisciplinary teams have created design proposals for sites that were previously occupied by Nazi Germany. These will be presented at the event in Berlin, a city of numerous memorializations with a stimulating debate about different kinds of monuments.

The seminar is hosted in conjunction with the Nordic Embassies and Freie Universität Berlin, with presentations from experts in the fields of art, archaeology, architecture, anthropology, history and the digital world. These are expected to link different experiences and debates of the concept of ‘Beyond Memoralization’ in Berlin to broader European developments. The event will be held on April 30th from 3-8pm at the Nordic Embassies, Berlin. The exhibition will continue through to May 10th.  

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