Nigerian Embassy in Berlin is Promoting Nollywood

Premier of the movie “Zero Deal” in Hamburg and Berlin

May 23rd, 2017
Esther A., News from Berlin
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The promotion of cultural values is one of the main goals for any embassy or diplomatic representation, because it strengthens friendly relations between the states and it also develops their economic, cultural and scientific connections. The Nigerian Embassy is also doing so, by supporting the premier of the Nollywood film “Zero Deal”, with a help of one of the most popular actors of the industry Chivetalu Agu.

In times of public budget restrictions, support is not granted, which means that the state can deny financial support to many projects. So, it’s important that the embassies are supporting cultural values in partnership with the private sector and reaching the audience with the required information about what, when and where an interesting event is going to take place. The diplomatic representation of Nigeria is posting the required information about the premiere of the movie “Zero Deal” on their website since April. It’s a best way to inform the Nigerian community living in Germany, but also the general public, which is interested the Nollywood movie production.

The premiere happened in Hamburg on Saturday in “Metropolis Kino”.  In Berlin, the event was huge and was later followed by a discussion, which helped the audience to understand the dynamic of the Nigerian film industry. The cultural night was closed with a cocktail party at “The Werkstatt der Kulturen”.

The film tells a story of small group of immigrants coming to Europe and slowly becoming seduced by an easy, good life, which ends when the main characters are faced with a conflict that is based on their country of origin.  The goal is to present the real experiences of migrants in Europe.” It tells the undiluted stories of these individuals whom so many people have not heard or seen”*.  The film was filmed both in Nigeria and Germany.

The Nigerian Embassy made a smart move by supporting such events, not only because of the message, but also because the Nollywood film industry is very important for Nigeria´s economy.  The Nollywood industry was formed around 1992 and produces circa 1,000 films per year. Today, the film industry in Nigeria is the second largest employer, after agriculture and makes up at least 5% of Nigeria’s GDP**, which is great for a nation that is rapidly improving in last years.

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