Nigerian Culture Celebration in Berlin and Munich

On 20th July there were two major events concerning the Nigerian Community

July 23rd, 2019
Gaia Carmilla, News from Berlin
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On 20th July, the "1st Annual Nigerian Cultural Day" took place in Berlin and the "Nigeria Cultural Feast and Meritorious Awards 2019" were held in Munich.

Last Saturday there were two events of great importance for Nigerian culture and its transmission to those who are not part of it.

The Annual Nigerian Cultural Day was hosted by the Nigerian Ambassador to Germany Yusuf Maitama Tuggar, who also invited German officials and members of the diplomatic corps.

The event included speeches and debates, art exhibitions, fashion shows, a literary fair and music.

Ambassador Tuggar's speech was very important, he said that this day was organized to show the Nigerian cultural heritage in all its aspects but also aims to intensify relations between Nigeria and Germany.

In his speech, the ambassador also addressed the delicate issue of African works in European museums and asked for the return to the original countries, these works are of fundamental importance to increasingly complete the identity of African countries.

On the same day, the Nigeria Cultural Feast and Meritorious Awards 2019, organised by the Nigeria Community Bayern Germany (NCBG), took place in Munich.

The Nigerian diplomatic corps was represented by Minister Mohammed Anka, who in his speech stressed the fundamental role of cultural diplomacy in promoting the link between nations.

The event was aimed at showing the Nigerian tradition through music and art, as well as rewarding and presenting some professionals and their projects in favor of the Nigerian population.

There were no problems with the fact that the two "similar" events took place at the same time on the same day.

These two events have obviously been fundamental in the cultural relations between countries because they have offered an opportunity to get to know in depth the Nigerian tradition, in fact the representatives of the diplomatic corps have both highlighted the importance of cultural diplomacy at a global level and the great role it can play.

In addition, the event held in Berlin played an even more important role because it crossed Nigerian culture at 360 degrees, not only with performances of music and painting but touching on different aspects of tradition as the traditional clothes.


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