Nicolás Pauls performing in Berlin

Promotion of the Argentinian musical legacy: popular Argentinian music concerts in Berlin

July 25th, 2019
Elena Belenova, News from Berlin
20190709_Nicolás Pauls performing in Berlin.jpg

Organized by the Embassy of Argentina in Berlin, this concert has as the goal the promotion of Argentinian popular music with the performance of one of Argentinian most famous artist.

Nicolás Pauls is an Argentinian artist with a long career in music, cinema, television, and theater, mostly known for his singing career as he has released 7 albums and produced 2 more with artists worldwide. He also acted as a drummer in various bands such as Las 4 estaciones, La terminal, Cuarto Espacio, and currently in Horizonte. He came to Berlin with his newest album – “Comienzo”, 13 songs album with an acoustic and intimate charisma accompanied with electric trends.

The event was organized by the Embassy itself, in order to promote the solo work of the artist and bring together Argentinians and non-Argentinians musiclovers during the celebration of the culture. The event took place on 28 of June at the Embassy of Argentina.


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