New Zealand Public History Talk

Promoting intercultural relations, social inclusion and the appreciation of diversity

February 22nd, 2019
Alexander Stefanovic, News from Berlin
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New Zealand Culture and Heritage – Public History Talk Event of the Island Nation. The encounter of people and ideas from historical perspective defines culture and how the exchange of ideas and innovation that crossed oceans and barriers.

The book Ocean: Tales of Voyaging and Encounter that Defined New Zealand by Sarah Ell will be brought into focus during the public history talk in cooperation with the Cultural Minister Manatu Taonga from the Ministry of Culture and Heritage. The public history talk is a focus on culture, ideas, values, overcoming barriers and its history with immigrants. The people and the sea and how the people came together and reshaped New Zealand is also the focus from Sarah Ell.

he theme of bringing together different cultures from abroad in relation to the sea, shows the appreciation that people have in relation to the sea as this is symbolic for culture and relations in both past and in modern times.

Sarah Ell will be the speaker for the public history talk and will present her book and discuss themes in relation to New Zealand and its cultural heritage. As it is the first public history talk of 2019, this will be a welcoming way to usher in 2019 with culture and heritage. The focus on culture is important for all countries, and this is an ongoing trend that will increase and bring together people once again with various ideas. This can extend bridges to cooperation and positive ways bring new innovation.


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