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New Recycling Law: Chile Consulting Experts in Germany

To implement the law, Chile seeks to exchange ideas with Germany to learn from experiences in the environmental sector

June 15th, 2016
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The Chilean parliament has just passed a law on waste disposal, recycling and sustainable production. To meet this goal, the Chilean delegation met in Berlin with representatives of the Federal Ministries of Environment and Economy.

There were also discussions with experts from the German Association of Waste Disposal Companies BDE and experts from the Federal Government (CDU / CSU) and the opposition (Green Party) and representatives of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

The new law on waste has three pillars. The first focuses on avoiding waste and eliminate waste professionally. The second law looks at the increase in products in the production of the same recyclable materials and the third pillar on which the law holds is accountable to those producers who do not use techniques that safeguard the best way possible the environment.

This means that companies are forced to make long-lasting products. The law will be implemented initially in certain product groups, such as electrical and electronic equipment, packaging, batteries, medicines, pesticides and vehicles. Part of the initiative is also an electronic platform, where businesses register their most important products and compliance standards for collection and recovery.

Chile in recent years has experienced great development in the economy, but continuation in growth is proving a challenge. This was communicated from the Embassy of Chile in Germany. As well, challenges of the environment are equally important. For this reason, Chile has considered Germany as a country of reference in this matter. Cultural influences are important in making these decisions. By being critical and educated citizens, we will be able to respect the environment.

Berlin among other cities is a pioneer city in Europe in recycling and reuse of materials, objects, packaging, appliances, furniture... No doubt this is a breakthrough, in which the exchange of ideas between countries will develop further.

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