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New Performance of Japanese Story ‘Gōshu, the Cellist’ in German

The Japanese-German Center in Berlin Celebrates Poet Miyazawa Kenji’s 120th Birthday Using Visuals and Music

September 12th, 2016
Min-ni Wu, News from Berlin

On the evening of 6th September, a special concert will be hosted in Berlin. There will be a performance of a chamber piece, composed and conducted by Yamamoto Shigehiro, alongside visuals from the story ‘Gōshu, the Cellist’. The Japanese-German Center Berlin invites the German public to follow the images from the famous novel, accompanied by music. The event is being held to provide a better understanding of Japanese culture and to celebrate the 120th birthday of Miyazawa Kenji, the famous Japanese poet and author of children’s literature.

The music being performed in this event was composed by Yamamoto Shigehiro, a contemporary music composer and conductor laureate of the Fukuoka Civic Orchestra. The chamber piece was inspired by the story ‘Gōshu, the Cellist’ and was published in 1996. Yamamoto Shigehiro, with his rich experience performing in Europe, will conduct in the concert and perform the piece with musicians based in Berlin. This is the piece’s premiere in Berlin.

‘Gōshu, the Cellist’ is a novel written by Miyazawa Kenji, telling the story of a diligent cellist, Gōshu, who lives in a small town and gets help from animals while practising. Gōshu achieves great success in performing at the end of the story. The short story has been adapted for screening several times.

During the concert, German audiences will have the opportunity to learn more about the world created by the beloved Japanese poet Miyazawa Kenji, accompanied with vibrant music and visuals. The content will be translated into German. Through the event, the Japanese-German Center Berlin hopes to bring more Japanese culture to Germany.

The Japanese-German Center in Berlin, located in Saargemünder Straße, is a non-profit organization which is supported by the government. It aims to promote German-Japanese cooperation and international exchange. The organization was set up in 1985 following a proposal by the leaders of the Federal Republic of Germany and Japan, Helmut Kohl and Nakasone Yasuhiro. It regularly holds concerts, Japanese courses, exhibitions, and other exchange programs to achieve its objectives.


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