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New British Ambassador to Germany Trying To Strengthen the Relations In Between Germany and UK

Newly- Arrived British Ambassador to Berlin Sir Sebastian Wood Said On Thursday That He Hopes Relations between the UK And Germany Will Get Closer On His Watch

October 05th, 2015
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The month of September gave birth to a new British Ambassador to Germany. Sir Sebastian Wood took office in September 2015, after serving the British Embassy in Beijing. The new Ambassador announced on Thursday that he would do more to increase relations between the UK and Germany. Across the years, relations between Germany and UK have been constantly developing. In fact, UK Trade and Investment are currently operating out of all three missions in order to encourage the increase of German investments in the UK. Furthermore, in 2013 Britain became Germany’s biggest trade partner. 

However, in a globalized world numbers and quantitative data are not what really makes the difference. During his first press announcement that took place on Thursday, October the 2nd, Sir Sebastian Wood said that, according to his opinion, what the United Kingdom and Germany really need for a successful cooperation is to enhance and improve the cultural relations between the two countries. In order to implement this belief as soon as possible, the British Ambassador to Germany is about to welcome Neil MacGregor, the man behind the exhibition "Germany: Memories of a Nation" held at the British Museum in 2014.  At the same time, Mr. MacGregor is expected in Berlin for heading up the Humboldt Forum, and the reconstruction of a Prussian Palace.

Overall, the work of Sir Sebastian Wood will focus on two main areas: first, he will make many investments in increasing the cultural relations in between the two countries.  In this field, the most important goal that needs to be followed would be bringing more young British students to Germany. As well as this, the British Ambassador to Germany is focusing on building a dialogue with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in order to involve her and the German Government in the battle to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union.

Sustaining and developing a cultural dialogue is a key part of Sir Sebastian Wood’s work. Most of his work for the British Embassy in Beijing was based on cultural relations and has been successful in enabling countries and civil society to get involved. Sir Sebastian Wood hopes that the British Embassy to Germany will continue to keep support of both the German and the British Government as well as nurture the support of their citizens.

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