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New Brand Ambassadors for Allianz Germany

Support for Markus Rehm and Denise Schindler at the Olympic Games

June 13th, 2016

Long jumper Markus Rehm (winner of the 2014 German Championship for the able-bodied) and cyclist Denise Schindler are brand ambassadors for Allianz Deutschland, one of Germany´s largest co-operations. Both individuals set an example of willpower, mastering difficult life circumstances instead of surrendering to them, and by jumping back into sports after their respective accidents.

In an effort to promote engagement in the Paralympics movement, both Rehm and Schindler were selected as brand ambassadors for Allianz Deutschland. Manfred Boschatzke, manager of the public relations and sponsoring department, strongly supports the participation of Rehm in the Olympic Games in Rio. He sees the company’s support and commitment and the dedication of the athletes to the sport as a signal for the inclusion of disabled people in society as a whole.

Since 2006 the company has been a national supporter of the German handicapped sports association (Deutscher Behindertensportverband – DBS). Boschatzke states that the partnership with DBS and its athletes is a major step for Allianz as a partner and sponsor of sports in Germany. Besides being partner of the Paralympic committee (IPC) and the DBS13, the cooperation further supports other National Paralympic committees on four continents, as well as the Global Athletic Union of disabled people.

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