Neues Slowenisches Kino V. - the promotion of Slovenian culture in Berlin

The Slovenian Film Festival aims to celebrate the important contribution of Slovenian actors and directors to the current European film scene

November 29th, 2019
Giulia Russo Wälti, News from Berlin

For the fifth time the Periskop association is organizing the Slovenian Film Festival in Berlin. From November 22th to November 24th, the Sputnik cinema in Berlin was chosen to host this important cultural event.

During the three days dedicated to the Festival, numerous films were presented to Berlin audiences. Berlin Global was invited to see the opening of the Festival. The movie called, Ich werde keine Loserin mehr sein (translated from German to English as, I won’t be a loser anymore), deals with the very topical issue of modern youth, a precarious generation, forced to move to foreign countries to secure stable jobs and economic independence. In addition to this the festival showed eight short selected clips from the Ljubljana Short Film Festival (FeKK) team, which deal with different current themes from different perspectives.

The association Periskop e.V. was founded in 2014. The goal of the association is to network creative perspectives between Germany and Slovenia. More specifically, their main goals are mentioned on their website as follows, “The promotion of international sentiments, tolerance in all areas of culture and the idea of international understanding, in particular through the promotion of intercultural dialogue in the fields of culture, art, education, youth work, science and research as well as nature and environmental protection between Germany and the countries of south-eastern, eastern and southern Europe, in particular between Germany and Slovenia, as well as the promotion of civic engagement for charitable purposes in the fields of nature and environmental protection, culture, art and popular education.’’

In order to organize this Festival, they collaborated with organizers from Sputnik - Kino am Südstern, the Slovenian Film Center and a public agency of the Republic of Slovenia, which became operational in 2011, as a successor of the public fund named Slovenian Film Fund. The government in the Republic of Slovenia established this Agency in order to encourage the production of cinematographic activities within the country. They support people working in the film industry from the early stages of script and project development, to the later stages of production, promotion and the distribution of the movies.

Slovenian government is supporting the development and production of live action, documentary, animated features and short films. This example of cultural diplomacy is a way to promote the internationalization of the film sector as well as the promotion of Slovenia though their rich cinematographic culture.


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