National women's day in South Africa

South African Embassy and South African Consulate General celebrate the National Women's Day 2019, on 9 August

August 07th, 2019
Gaia Carmilla, News from Berlin
20190807_National womens day.jpg

The Embassy and the Consulate commemorate, through their Facebook pages, the National women's Day, which is commemorated on August 9.

This day is an annual public holiday and it commemorates the march of women on 9th August in 1956, these women fought against the Urban Areas Act, it imposed a “pass” for black people to allowed them to enter in “white” areas; but this pass restricted the freedom of black people during apartheid.

So, on August 9, 20,000 women marched in prayer to protest against this law, they also presented a petition with 100,000 signatures and the women counted a song composed especially for the event.

Now this day is honoured with many government events because it is right to pay tribute to these women who fought for the rights of future generations not only in South Africa but to send a message of equality and equality throughout the world.


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