Nanjing Cultural and Tourism Weeks

The story of Nanjing city is presented in Berlin

May 15th, 2019
Yerang Jang, News from Berlin

The Chinese Cultural Center in Berlin invites experts from the German tourism industry to discover Nanjing's unique cultural and tourist heritage during their Cultural and Tourism Weeks beginning on 17th May at 7 pm.

The opening exhibition for the Nanjing Cultural and Tourism Week, entitled “Glamorous capital of antiquity - Green metropolis in a magnificent landscape" will be presented at the Berlin Chinese Cultural Center from May 17 to June 12, 2019.

The cultural center explains that “Today, Nanjing is more than just the capital of the ten past Chinese dynasties: the city has experienced a lot, but the city continues to exlude its ancient charm and is extremely attractive as a modern and vibrant metropolis”. In more than 40 photographs, this exhibition will present scenes from Nanjing that are characterized by mountains, rivers and the interplay between city and nature.

In addition to the above event, the Chinese Cultural Central will also show short films on May 27 and June 3, 2019 respectively entitled "Extraordinary Mission (2017)" and "Kungfu Yoga (2017)" with German subtitles.

Registration is required for the opening exhibition but not for the film screening.


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