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Music Band Holds a Conference at the Nordic Embassies

Band A-HA announced their comeback at a press conference in the Nordic Embassies in Berlin

March 26th, 2015

A press conference was held in Berlin in the auditorium of the Nordic embassies on March 25th. The three musicians from A-HA, one of the most successful Nordic bands, announced their come back after a greeting from the Ambassador Elisabeth Walaas. In addition, they confirmed their next tour, which will start in German-speaking countries, due to the fact that the band is extremely popular in Germany. The record label was also at the conference. 

The history of the popular Norwegian band is characterized by many events, separations and reunions. A-Ha was founded in 1982 and three years later they made a breakthrough with the hit ‘Take On Me’. During the 90s the three musicians eventually decided to go separate ways. The band members started releasing solo projects. To their fans delight, from the beginning of 2000 the band had reunited and started to produce successful albums, one of which made it in the top three for the German album charts.

Their new album will be coming out in September 2015 and will be called ‘Cast in Steel’. As it turns out, this will be their tenth album. Gradually, songwriter Paul Waaktaar-Savoy and singer Morten Harket found themselves together to jointly explore new pieces: "The best part was that we were able to take place this whole process under the radar; there were no deals, no contracts [...] It was just like back in the 80s when we started the hunt of my agents. Some instruments, a song, a voice."

In April, they will hold a tour in Germany and will keep touring other German speaking countries within the EU. This year’s tour will be named after their debut album ‘Hunting High and Low’. The first 15 concerts will be across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This will be a special tribute to the German public, where the band is extremely popular and truly loved. 


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