Multi-Vision Theatre Show illustrates the Diversity of the African Experience

Experience the many different cultures, lifestyles, landscapes and colors of this beautiful continent

February 06th, 2019
Eleanor Banks, News from Berlin
20190206_Multi-Vision Theatre Show.jpg

Roland Marske journeyed across Africa, immediately catching African fever and is now presenting his favourite experiences and his overall passion for Africa to you in a visually stunning and breathtaking new show!

Roland Marske has presented many of these multi-vision shows throughout Germany, and is interested in travelling and documenting his trips through taking pictures, presenting them to audiences and allowing others to join in with his emotional connection to these other cultures.’ Afrika Highlights’ is certainly a very special show to him, as his childhood dream was to become a vet in Africa, after having visited Morocco with his parents and watched many films about the wonderful continent.

Although he did not become a vet, he fulfilled his dreams of becoming a photojournalist, and in the last few years has been focusing on Africa, spending up to half a year at a time there. This new show will present to the audience the diversity of the continent, from the mountain gorillas of Uganda and the German colonial past in Namibia, to the wild coast of South Africa and the animal paradise of the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

Catch this fantastic portrayal of a stunning continent on 8th March 2019 at 20:00 at Berlin-Spandau, Kulturhaus Spandau Mauerstr. 6, 13597, Berlin


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