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Mr. Christoph Heubner Received Order of Merit of Republic of Poland at Polish Embassy

October 17th, 2014

News from Berlin- On Monday 13th of October, Berlin was honored with the visit of important hosts; the Vice-President of The International Auschwitz Committee and the founder of the International Youth Meeting Center.

This visit, which took place at the Polish embassy, was organized as an award ceremony for the Vice-President of the International Auschwitz Committee. Mr. Christoph Heubner received the Order of Merit of Republic of Poland award from Ambassador Jerzy Marganskid for his contribution in strengthening ties between Poland and Germany, for instance through the education of history.

The speech for this occasion was presented by Marian Turski, the President of the Jewish Historical Association in Poland.

Christoph Heubner has been involved in German- Polish reconciliation since the 1970s. He, along with Mr. Volker von Torn, co-founded the International Youth Meeting Center. He has also worked by himself for many years to organize events for the education of young people.

The full program of the event:

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