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Mosques Open Doors to Non-Muslims in Germany

October 06th, 2014
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News from Berlin - Annually on the 3rd of October, since 1917, Muslims in Germany open doors of their mosques to non-Muslims. There are more than 1,000 mosques in Germany. The purpose of this day is to reduce prejudices against Muslims and encourage the cultural exchange.

The Open Mosque Day is supported by the Coordination Council of Muslims (KRM). Germany's Muslim Coordination Council, a platform bringing together the four largest Muslim organizations in the country, expressed hope on Friday that with the “Open Mosque Day” they will be able to present the various aspects of Muslim’s community life to German society, and answer questions on Islam. Muslims wants to break the religion barriers in the country and to approach their religion to the German community.

The main reason of The Open Mosque Day is to promote a dialogue, which is important in culturally diverse societies such as the Federal Republic of Germany. The event starts with a simple meeting, greeting or sharing a meal thus allowing people to come together. The result of such a dialogue will promote the overall social participation.

Attending this celebration is an opportunity to know and learn the facets of the Muslim community life and make your own educated opinion about Islam and Muslims.

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