“Mona Lisa – A Smile for Europe”

Forthcoming exhibition at Rotes Rathaus to promote a European spirit based on diversity, tolerance, and openness

May 14th, 2019
K. Wiesner, News from Berlin
20190514_Mona Lisa.jpg

The upcoming exhibition “Mona Lisa – A Smile for Europe” at the Rotes Rathaus will promote European diversity, solidarity, and openness, and to embody the achievements that Europe is capable of to this day.

On May 16 at 6PM, Michael Müller, the Governing Mayor of Berlin, and Klaus Lederer, the Berlin Senator for Art and Europe, will speak at the official opening event for the forthcoming exhibition “Mona Lisa – A Smile for Europe” at Rotes Rathaus. Before the event this Thursday, Müller has already underlined the significance of the new exhibition by stating that Mona Lisa, with her famous smile, represents European art and culture.

Furthermore, Leonardo da Vinci embodies the visionary artistic and scientific achievements Europe is capable of to this day. Thus, in the last days before the important European election on May 26, the Mona Lisa exhibition perfectly fits into Rotes Rathaus in the heart of Berlin, a European cultural metropolis.

Müller also expressed the importance of the exhibition for promoting European solidarity. According to Müller, “Mona Lisa – A Smile for Europe” stands for a diverse, open, and tolerant Europe whose future and preservation are on the ballot in the European Elections. The artworks selected for the exhibition convey the message that the spirit of Europe and its potential rely on diversity and the cooperation of Europeans with many different backgrounds and experiences.

The exhibition will showcase 25 graphics, photographs and paintings as well as a video installation by many renowned artists, among them Banksy, Sabine Boehl, Salvador Dalí, Man Ray und Andy Warhol. “Mona Lisa – A Smile for Europe” at Rotes Rathaus in Berlin Mitte will be open to the public from May 18 to May 30, 2019. The exhibition is open daily from 9AM to 6PM, and the entry is free.


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