Modern Art Exhibition at the Argentine Embassy

Argentine born, Berlin based artist Lautaro Bianchi shows off his collection “Berghain” at the Embassy in Berlin

March 04th, 2019
Lance Bradley, News from Berlin
20190304_Modern Art Exhibition at the Argentine Embassy.jpg

The infamous Berliner club “Berghain” is interpreted in a new fashion by Argentine artist Lautaro Bianchi.

The Argentinian born artist Lautaro Bianchi has been based in Berlin for years. His newest project “Berghain” named after the highly popular Berlin night-club is a collection of photos intended to portray the experiences from within the club. Bianchi turns back the clock in his photo collection in an attempt to indulge in contemporary visual culture by using the old-school style analog photography.

The special collection is curated by Rodrigo Cañete and will be presented as a special viewing in the Embassy of the Republic of Argentina in Berlin at Kleinstraße 23-26, 10787 Berlin (Schöneberg) beginning on March 28th, 2019 at 18:30. The entrance is free, the embassy does, however, ask interested art-lovers to register their visit at .


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