Mocky in Berlin to present his last Masterpiece “How to hit what and how Hard”

The Canadian composer Mocky comes back in Berlin to impress everybody with his last release

August 09th, 2017
Cristina Raniolo, News from Berlin
2017_08_09 Mocky in Berlin.jpg

On the 11th of August at the Prince Charles in Berlin, the most anticipated event for electronic music takes place. Supported by Canadian Embassy to Germany, this new release seems to be the evidence of the great talent that characterized Mocky, such as composer and musician.

Dominic “Mocky” Salole is a composer, producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist that comes from Canada, although for a long time he lived in Berlin. Inspired by Berliner sounds first, his success is due to his ability as a composer and thanks to his collaborations with remarkable artists such as Peaches, Feist and Chilly Gonzales.

His last work is the result of his personal effort put in the original composition of sounds that took some arrangement from the beat of the 70s together with mixed atmospheres and instruments that deeply explain the meaning of the album title “How to Hit What and How Hard”. As he said: “Everything began with me hitting something, and during the process, I realized that in the modern musical environment, “how”, “what” and “how hard” you hit something make all the difference."

In order to produce that album he set up its secret studio in Los Angeles and started arranging new sounds in an experimental composition. Berlin is just one of the two German cities he is going to, for launching his new masterpiece. Hamburg is the second destination of the tour and the concert will take place on the 12th of August, at Kampnagel. Japan and the Netherlands are the following nations.

Berlin really affected the way he put out his personality “out of the line”. The influence from Berlin could be perceived from the sounds that make his productions so unique and extraordinary since they are combined with typical American beats.


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