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Mixed colors – Cultural Day by European Union National Institutes for Culture

October 13th, 2014
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News from Berlin – On October 17th European Union National Institutes for Culture Berlin is hosting a Cultural Day 2014. This event is bringing together Berlin based embassies and European Cultural Institutes.

European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) is a network for the international cultural relations institutes from the member states of the European Union. EUNIC in Berlin consists of 14 European cultural institutes, cultural representatives of EU embassies, as well as associated members who meet up regularly to discuss matters of common interest. They seek to facilitate cultural cooperation, to create lasting partnerships between professionals, to encourage greater understanding and awareness of the diverse European cultures and to encourage greater language learning.

Cultural Day 2014 is presenting artists from all around Europe and there will be events throughout the whole day. The Embassies of Slovakia, Serbia, Greece and Italy are joining forces to hold an event to read fairy tales to children at the Embassy of Slovakia in Berlin, whilst the French Institute is opening a photo exhibition with works by Belgian artist Lydia Flem.

The Bulgarian Cultural Institute will be holding a painting exhibition of Bulgarian paintings through the eyes of a Romanian painter. Ifa – Gallery Berlin is hosting a project called ‘By Now’; a contemporary photography project from Belarus that is focused on new developments for photography in Belarus and it offers a fresh view on Belarusian photography scene.

The Embassy of Slovenia offers a painting exhibition by Mitja Konić called ‘Dreams of sleepless nights’ that focuses on the philosophical and spiritual relationship between man and nature. Also presenting on Cultural day is the Austrian Cultural Forum with readings by Barbara Coudenhove-Kalergi, an Austrian based journalist and author.

The Embassies of Lithuania and Poland will show short films on themes of socialism and communism with a vivid insight into the mood of the young generation of filmmakers presenting their sensitivity and their courage in the project "Brave New World".

Also participating are the Embassy of Portugal, Finnish Institute in Germany and Czech Centre in Berlin. Cultural day 2014 will conclude with a party with concerts at the Balassi Institute. Concerts will feature musicians from Italy and Spain.

For more information about the day and the program visit their webpage:

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