Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lithuania on Africa Day

Promoting African culture values and strengthening the relations with the Republic of Lithuania

February 05th, 2019
Xheni Vasha, News from Berlin
20190205_Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lithuania.jpg

Each year Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lithuania organises a number of cultural events on the occasion of Africa Day. Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linkenvicius sees the opportunities to strengthen the relations with African region very fruitful and he is positive on promoting African culture in the Republic of Lithuania.

During the series of events that are organized each May the exhibition of photography related closely to African history and a series of film sequences following the same topic are always present in these annual events. Not forgetting to mention the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony which regularly enriches the African Day agenda of events.

During this two-week period event, where you can have a wide spectrum of African culture and traditions, the possibilities for networking and business opportunities are enormous.


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