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Milo Rau on Tour in Germany to Show his Newest Movie

March 26th, 2014

News from Berlin - Switzerland and Germany have a long history of cooperation in numerous domains. In the field of economics for example, Germany is the main commercial partner of Switzerland. However, the two countries do not only work together on matters related to trade or economy. The cultural ties are also rather strong, enhanced by the fact that an important part of Switzerland also shares a language with Germany. Thus, the Swiss Embassy sponsors and supports Swiss artists in Germany through the institution “Kultur aus der Schweiz”, which promotes artistic events presenting the work of Swiss artists.

One of the latest artists to be promoted was Milo Rau. The Swiss director and author, who was born in Bern, is the founder of the International Institute for Political Murder, an institute that reaches to both sides of the borders, thus enhancing cultural cooperation between the two countries. Indeed, the director is linked to the cultural communities of both Switzerland and Germany. Nowadays, he is showing his latest movie, Die Moskauer Prozesse, all around Germany. For this project, he decided to work on the trial of the Pussy Riots in Russia, trial which had caused many people in western countries to criticize the judicial process that led to the sentence of the Punk band members/activists.

The movie was premiered in Berlin in March 18th, and is now screening in German movie theaters since March 20th.

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