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“Migration: A Challenge or an Opportunity?”

BMW Foundation Engages in Migration Dialogue

June 17th, 2016

The economic and political future of Europe in the light of this year’s migration wave will be discussed during the International Economic Summit in Munich from June 30th until July 1st. The initiative brings together numerous academic scholars, decision-makers and experts in politics, industry and the finance to discuss vital European issues. The Munich Economic Summit is a joint initiative of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and the CESifo Group Munich. The latter itself is a joint initiative of the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich and the Munich-based Ifo Institue in partnership with The Times.

While attempting to implement an encompassing migration policy that is based on solidarity, the European immigration conundrum faces two distinct strands: the refugees that the European Union is obliged to help and the well-educated individuals it wants to attract. In most of the cases, these two groups do not align. However, it is exactly these ecomonic migrants that will benefit the European economies and the migrants themselves. It is therefore in the interest of the European governments to attract well-educated migrants.

The question remains of what the consequences of emigration are to the host country. Does emigration create an imbalance to the home country by depriving it of its “best brains”? How can Europe balance its rivaling interests and transform migration challenges into prospective chances? These questions will be addressed during the upcoming Economic Summit. The Munich Economic Summit is an initiave that unites scholars, academics from politics, industry and finance to discuss the future development of Europe´s policy making in light of the increasing number of people looking for a better future. For fourteen years, the Summit has convened annually, with the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, the CESinfo Group Munich and the Times as its major organisers and Media partners.

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