Midsummer Eve Celebration Festival in Berlin

Promoting Swedish summer traditions thanks to Swedish Church Festival

June 24th, 2019
Elena Belenova, News from Berlin
20190624_Midsummer Eve.jpg

The Swedish Embassy participated in the organization of the Midsummer Eve Celebration event that took place in the Swedish Church in Berlin. It included a series of festivities with bazaar, music, delicious food and of course the dance around the Maypole.

The Swedish Church in Berlin is considered one of most open, warming and welcoming Christian communities which has local closeness and global care. It is a place for both Swedish temporary and permanent residents as well as the foreign members of the community or tourists. The church organizes worships as well as festivities and events such as workshops, libraries with books in Swedish and Swedish newspaper, or have a coffee in the at the Church’s coffee shop. 

On 21st of June, Swedish Embassy has contributed to the organization and celebration of the Midsummer Eve Festival that is celebrated annually as it constitutes a very significant tradition for the Swedish community. The festival includes midsummer bar to live music with food and drink, workshops and bazaar with tablecloths, souvenirs, cheese planers, dala horses, bike seats, fabric bags, clogs with kurbits painting and many more events.


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