Middle Eastern Street Food Festival in Berlin

Tasting the traditional Arab Food in a typical German Location

June 24th, 2019
Giulia Mohammad Abdellatif, News from Berlin
20190624_Middle Eastern Street Food.jpg

In June 23rd the Middle Eastern Street Food Festival took place in Berlin at the Biergarten "Birgit & Bier" for tasting Arabic delicacies in a characteristic German atmosphere.

A different and special Sunday within the Arab culture for discovering many traditional plates from the Middle Eastern countries, such as Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Yemen and Iran. Some delicacies are already well known in Berlin like hummus, the Levantine dip made from chickpeas, or falafel, fried balls commonly served in a flatbread.

There were also other oriental specialties, such as baba ghanoush, the Arabic appetizer of eggplants mixed with tahini, and merguez, an Arab-French sausage served in a little baguette. All these dishes could be accompanied by a fresh local bier and enjoyed in a cozy beer garden near the Spree.

Together with the Arab cuisine, there was also the possibility to listen to oriental music and to attend a traditional Palestinian dance, the Dabkeh. A souk marketplace with many different handicrafts belonging to the Arab culture was there for completing the entertainment.


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