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#MEX_MANIA: Intercultural mobility between Mexico and Germany

From June 2016 - May 2017 Germany and Mexico celebrate their Dual Year

July 14th, 2016
Andreea Stretea, News from Berlin

Cultural ties between Germany and Mexico have a long history, from the historic stay of Alexander von Humboldt in Mexico during 1803 and 1804, "everything is interaction," wrote Alexander von Humboldt in 1803, during a trip through the Valley of Mexico. This became the basis of the long relationship between Germany and Mexico, which has since been strengthened and diversified in areas such as the economy, cooperation, culture and science.

El Año Dual Alemania-México 2016-2017 (Mexico-German Dual Year 2016-2017) promotes that great Humboldt idea: a friendly, tolerant and interdisciplinary encounter between the two of world's many different cultures. Therefore, from next June for a whole year, Germany will present a multifaceted program that will create opportunities for dialogue in Mexico. Thus, the Dual Year is planning to strengthen this bilateral relationship, which is based on common goals and values: creativity, innovation, productivity, sustainable development, promotion of democracy and human rights. The main objective being to build an "Alliance for the Future".

Language, dance, music, visual arts, photography, theater, cinema will be included in the program. Through the language of art we are enabled to talk together: through the Cervantino or the Berlinale or the works of Otto Dix or the beats of Helena Hauff.

Over twelve months, exhibitions, concerts, symposiums, workshops and various activities will ensure the success of this program. The multifaceted program will be defined by six major thematic areas: Science, Culture, Education, Innovation, Mobility and Sustainability. The central point of the program will be a sharing of knowledge and innovative multidisciplinary co-productions, which will be implemented within the Humboldt Forum, which will soon be inaugurated in Berlin.

The Goethe Institute, represented in Mexico City, is one of the major players in the field of bilateral cultural relations. Instiuto Goethe's work is complemented by the German Cultural Centers in Monterrey and San Luis Potosi.

The Goethe-Institut Mexico directs and conducts the Year of Germany in Mexico, while other German organizations in the country, such as the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the German Cooperation in Mexico (GIZ), the German-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Camexa) and the Board of German Industry for Culture, will also collaborate intensively on this task all under the coordination of the German Embassy in Mexico.

With the Dual Year celebration, Mexico and Germany want to expand their mutual understanding, deepen their cooperation and the exchange between their societies and finally intensify political dialogue. The Dual Year offers both countries the opportunity to exchange experiences and promote their partnership, in order to face together the challenges of the XXI century. Through a series of cultural, economic and scientific-academic activities both in Mexico and Germany the main objective is to build a common and sustainable future.


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