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Merkel Welcomes King of Jordan in Berlin

June 25th, 2014
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News from Berlin - Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel welcomed the King of Jordan, Abdullah II. bin al-Hussein in the Bundeskanzleramt on Tuesday, June 24th. Merkel expressed her wishes for Germany to contribute its part in the solving of the conflict in Iraq. This is one of the points that Bundeskanzlerin Merkel stressed in a meeting with the King of Jordan, Abdullah II in Berlin. Other points of discussion were the Syrian refugees in Jordan, the situation in Syria and Iraq.

In her press statement before the meeting with the King of Jordan, Merkel underlined that the Kingdom of Jordan is uniquely affected by the happenings in the region as it carries a large weight in dealing with the refugee crisis surrounding the civil war in Syria. Jordan has subsequently become the third largest refugee-admitting country in the world. Merkel also pointed out that Germany had taken in Syrian refugees but said that compared to the extent of what Jordan was fulfilling, it was relatively little. She continued saying that Germany provides aid in many different places but that it was not enough and that it is to be discussed what can be done to aid the current situation.

Jordan and Germany have had good relations and a close friendship for a long time. Germany is in many areas one of the most important partner countries for Jordan which is regionally and internationally active in seeking out a peaceful reconciliation to the Middle East Conflict. Apart from this, the countries cooperate in areas such as development studies, the economy, science and culture.

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