Meeting-Seminar on the topic "Intercultural Competences, Bulgaria-Austria".

The Vienna Chamber of Commerce with the participation of the Bulgarian Embassy in Austria organized a meeting to bring closer relations between Bulgaria and Austria

May 24th, 2024
Marina R. Ferrández Esclapez, News from Berlin
20240524 Meeting-Seminar.jpg

On May 14th, the meeting-seminar on “Intercultural competencies, Bulgaria-Austria” was held. The event was the continuation of the joint initiative “Meeting of Women in the Economy”, held in January of this year in Vienna.

The meeting was attended by businesswomen with various management positions in different sectors of Austrian and Bulgarian companies.

The event commenced with the inauguration of Kasia Greco as the vice president of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. Bulgarian Ambassador Desislava Naydenova-Gospodinova congratulated the organizers and participants on the continuation of the joint initiative, which serves as a successful example of collaboration and as a bridge uniting representatives of Austrian and Bulgarian companies. In her welcome address, she emphasized Bulgaria's rich history, culture, and traditions, and highlighted the importance of building bridges between different cultures for successful relationships and partnerships in diplomacy and business.

The topic was presented by Snezha Lemerer and Friederike Heinrich, directors of employee selection and training companies, who are also the promoters of the organized meeting.


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