Meeting of the Ministers of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS

A Review of this yearís achievements and the pursuit of cooperation

February 07th, 2019
HoŽlenn Ayoul-Guilmard, News from Berlin
20190207_Meeting of the Ministers of the Global Coalition.jpg

The Ministers and Officials of each delegation of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS met this Wednesday in Washington at the invitation of United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to review the progress of the past year.

This group of action under US leadership consists of 79 nations, whose goals are to permanently defeat ISIS and bring a lasting peace to the region. During the past year, the following five new countries joined: the Community of Sahel-Saharan States (CEN-SAD), Guinea, Kenya, Fiji, and the Philippines.

During this meeting, members called call for international contributions and reiterated their commitment to solve this critical national security issue and humanitarian priority.† Their agenda follows the implementation of the UN Resolution 2254 calling for a ceasefire and a political settlement in Syria.

This year Nobel Peace Prize winner, Nadia Murad an Iraqi activist now leaving in Germany is also a guest of this year meeting as she came to advocate on behalf of the Yazidi people who were victims of ISIS' genocide.


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