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Meeting of Digital Hispanic Entrepreneurs in Berlin

The second edition of the "Hispanic Startup Day" brought together digital entrepreneurs from around the world

July 21st, 2016
Francisco de Borja Rossich Darder, News from Berlin

The annual Hispanic Startups Day is an important event for all Hispanics working in the digital sector in Berlin, allowing them to meet and build relationships with like-minded people with whom they share a common culture and language. In addition, world renowned entrepreneurs and investors from Europe, America and Asia participated in the lectures and panels on finances, marketing, human resources and business development.

The first Hispanic Startups Day in 2015 was a success, with more than 20 speakers delivering more than 10 hours of lectures to over 100 participants.  The objective of these conferences, according to the official site, is more ambitious than the monthly meetings that are also organised by "Hispanic Startups". The annual conference features presentations by renowned entrepreneurs in Europe, America and Asia as well as talks and panels on the Hispanic digital business world. They invite leading Hispanic figures from around the world, working in the digital industry, to come to Berlin and provide training and inspiring talks during a day of work and networking for CXOs, managers, experts and visionaries.

The event took place on July 16th in the "Instituto Cervantes" –collaborating institution– in Berlin and was assited by the Ministerial Departement of Employement and Social Security of Spain, the Embassy of Chile in Germany, the Spanish Chamber of Trade, the ICEX, the FECYT and the AHK, among others. The lectures were led by experts and visionaries. Following the conference the participants gathered to share a meal based on spanish tapas and chilenian wine: a great example of how to bring people together.

Participants were also able to learn about the creation of digital business and to share their experience with the other members of the event. The conference was an opportunity for all those who have an interest in this sector of the global economy, allowing participants to meet and build strong relationships with those who at some point could become partners, in order to create a connection that can overcome boundaries.

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