Meeting Between the Polynesian Minister and the Lebanese Ambassador to France

Pursuing collaboration through tourism promotion

February 26th, 2019
Natalia Burlacu, News from Berlin
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Polynesian Minister of Tourism and Labor, Nicole Bouteau met on February 22nd with the Lebanese Ambassador to France, Rami Adwan, and the Honorary Consul of Lebanon in Polynesia, Joseph Maroun.

On a 15-day visit to Polynesia, Rami Adwan inaugurated last Tuesday the Lebanese consulate in Papeete, Polynesia. The ambassador referred to the situation of his country between Israel and Syria, which is suffering from the turmoil of conflicts in the Middle East region. It is also a country where the Francophonie and its values remain very present. Many Lebanese speak French. In Lebanon, the official language is Arabic and the Francophonie goes through the school.

This meeting also allowed to pursue possible collaborations in the field of tourism in particular by the promotion of Polynesia in Lebanon and in the countries of this region. Being the only French-speaking country in this region, Rami Adwan has offered his country's expertise and network for the development of Polynesian tourism to countries in the Middle East such as Qatar or Dubai. He congratulated French Polynesia for these tourism infrastructures as well as for its strategy of development of the sector. The minister presented the evolution of the tourism market in Polynesia highlighting the need for the destination to diversify. She also recalled the marketing positioning of the destination Tahiti and its Islands, with at the heart of the strategy, its population and its culture. Exchanges in the fields of education, new technologies, culture and tourism are also to be considered.


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