“Meet Africa”

The German Chamber of Industry and Commerce promotes investing in Africa

July 18th, 2019
Aisosa Erhahon, News from Berlin
20190718_Meet Africa.jpg

With the idea of strengthening the economic cooperation with Africa, and thus contributing to its development, the IHK, known as the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, invited the Nigerian Ambassador, Yusuf Tuggar, and the South African Ambassador, Phumelele Sazani, on 11 July to Stuttgart.

The high profile event, entitled “Meet Africa”, was dedicated to the development of Africa through high investment from abroad. Therefore, the IHK markets Africa as dynamic and young. The idea is to attract German companies to invest more in Africa.

Moreover, since many countries in Africa are still growing nations, companies abroad profit from it by contributing in developing the infrastructures and producing machines. The head of the chamber made known that there are several companies from Germany which are already patrolling the continent. This, however, has not been sufficient and thus needs to be expanded, he claimed.

The German industries, already situated in the continent, will be used as a connecting point so as to give companies interested in investing in Africa more insights through their own experience.

This idea was welcomed by both Ambassadors who were representing Africa during the meeting in Stuttgart. Ambassador Sazani even emphasized on the importance of vocational training for South Africa and the continent and acknowledged the German system of dual education and skills development.


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