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Market of the Continents 2014

The South African Embassy in Berlin is promoting this arts and culture event focused on the African continent at the Dahlem Museum on the weekend of December 13th and 14th, 2014.

December 10th, 2014
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The Embassy of the Republic of South Africa is promoting this “journey around the world in eight days” experience; Each Advent weekend is dedicated to a different continent and on the weekend of the 13th in particular the spotlight will be on Africa. Fragrant spices will welcome visitors to the event and the cozy, colourful atmosphere in the midst of the warmth provided by this market will ensure a memorable cultural experience.

What to Expect

Four continents will be covered over four weekends, the market of Continents will sell from a total of 60 dealers, artists and social projects. Crafts from around the world will be on sale in the museum and an emphasis will be placed on goods produced directly in the countries. The goods will range from the finest Cambodian silk scarves, to Hornwaren from Madagascar, pearl tables from Syria and hand-carved African wooden figures. European arts and crafts can also be found at the colorful market stalls again.

Activities for Children and Adults Alike

Saturday December 13th will see live music from African music, blues, jazz and gospel to Afro-beat, reggae, funk and rap. Guests at the Market of the Continents include Mfa Kera and Mike Russell's Black Heritage. Concerts at 13:00, 15:00 and 17:15 o’clock, music workshops with Black Heritage and art workshops (such as creation of African sand pictures) will be underway as well. The event also caters to children with exploration exhibition for them to learn and discover the animals of Africa, as well as play games of the world. There will also be educational workshops on African rituals with a focus on traditional masks.

The admission at this Dahlem Museum event exhibiting arts and culture of the world is free to children under 18 years old, but otherwise costs 8,00 EUR. Located on Lansstraße 8/Arnimallee 25 14195.

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