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María Meira at Instituto Cervantes in Berlin

The Instituto Cervantes Will Host a Workshop with the World Famous Argentinean Screenplay Writer María Meira

August 18th, 2016
Vojtech Jirasek, News from Berlin

Participants of the María Meira workshop at Instituto Cervantes will be able to learn from the world famous Argentine script writer about her experiences in Argentinean filmmaking. María Meira has won multiple awards and as such is one of the most important screenplay writers from Argentina. She will introduce the German public to Argentinean movie culture at Instituto Cervantes in Berlin.

María Meira is an Argentinean script writer and professor of screenwriting. She studied directing at Argentina's Escuela Nacional de Cine. She is best known for the scripts of the movies Tan de repente (2002), La mirada invisible (2010) and Refugiado (2014), which won ten awards both in Argentina and abroad, including two for the best screenplay.

The aim of this intensive course is to learn about the theoretical and practical aspects of screenwriting. It is aimed at people who are already familiar with the mechanisms of writing a fictional screenplay and wish to promote their abilities on a practical level. Each session of the workshop will allow participants to practice their writing skills.

The workshop will consist of four two-hour sessions over the course of two days. Each session will consist of two units: the first about the theory; the second a practical workshop where participants will write screenplays of their own. Afterwards the texts will be read and discussed in the group.

The first session will be dedicated to questions such as who a writer is; how much time is required to write a screenplay; and how to come up with new ideas. The second meeting will cover topics such as the structure of a drama, the development of the plot and its structure. The third will concern the creation of figures, heroes, antiheroes and their personalities. The fourth session will be about the connection between the text and subtext and how to make a memorable scene.

The workshop will take place at Instituto Cervantes in Berlin on September 19, 21, 26 and 28, 2016. The sessions will be held in Spanish. For more information see

The event is a unique opportunity how to learn more about the Argentinean film culture from one of the most prominent figures in the field. The sessions are not only suitable for beginners but also for the professionals in the field. It is a good opportunity to make new international contacts and find new partnerships for future international cooperation in the film industry.


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