Malaysian Born Painter brings Art to Berlin

“Cats and Girls”- the exhibition of Caroline Wong, a Malaysian born painter living in London, sharing her work in Berlin

September 29th, 2022
Amanda Santi Aguilar, News from Berlin
20220929_Malaysian Born Painter.jpg

Caroline Wong is a Malaysian-born artist living in London. Her paintings are showing a traditional, often very limited representation of East Asian women. For Wong, suppressing ideals about women and their relation to food is the essence of her work.

Caroline Wong’s pastels of females and felines feasting together force a duality, eliciting a mixture of joy and revulsion, provoking pleasure with disgust. While nauseating, while dizzying, they are cathartic too, which shows how distorted and uneasy women’s relationship to food is. Her themes are around femininity, queerness, desire, and the right to female pleasure. Saturating each canvas, Wong’s mission is to fill that void, to feel no guilt or shame for taking what one needs and wants.

Between the 16th of September and the 29th of October, the exhibition “Cats and Girls” by Caroline Wong is ongoing at the Kreuzberg gallery Soy Capitán. Everyone is welcome to attend and support Wong’s work as the admission fee is free.


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